From everywhere and nowhere.

For what pleases the soul, the mind and the eyes.

Welcome to the creative world.

What hasn’t been yet, will be.

Anaïs Camille’s Portfolio

About Me

Born and partially raised in France, lived in South America, Spain, China and Austria, Anaïs Camille considers herself as a Third Culture Kid.

Not only has she lived on different continents, she also finds her roots in two distinct hemispheres: half Austrian and half Malagasy.

Being at home everywhere and nowhere, the different cultures has impacted her on the way she understands and interprets the world.

Thinking of the box, absorbing ideas to create new ones… To start something in the mind and putting it into reality – creating has and will always be Anaïs Camille’s passion.

My Art Work


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Instagram: art_by_anais.camille