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With her hypnotising eyes, Annabelle is the romantic portrait of a mysterious lady. With her diva turquoise look, the obverser seems to be observed from every angle. It is the reciprocal pleasure of being observed. Almost some kind of flirty voyeurism. 

One of a few portrait that the artist Anaïs Camille has done, Annabelle is a rare painting. This high end art work has some 3D aspects, as some of the collage elements used for this portrait are at different levels, but can be mostly seen by the naked eye. You can see several layers of papers, with distinctive types.  

Thanks to the glossy finish on the art piece, it truly gives the room an interesting focal point to look at. 

Size: 60 x 50 cm

Materials: Ink, acrylics, resin, paper collage

The painting comes without a frame. It is possible to order a frame additionally. 

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